Are your rates negotiable?


My companion fee is a personal decision based on how I value myself and the companionship I offer. It is what my time is worth to me. Money has never been an issue for my established patrons. If my rates are unacceptable to you… understand we are not a match.  I’m not for everyone and I don’t pretend, but I assure you I am worth it.



I take pride in how I look, feel and smell. Please be clean, shaved and smell good. Fresh breath and and groomed facial hair is always appreciated. It is very hot in Arizona. A quick car ride can make you sweat. I will prepare a shower when you arrive. 

How do I offer my donation?


When arriving at my place, please put the donation in plain site on the kitchen counter, then proceed to the shower. 

Do not place donations in an envelope.

If I come to you please leave donation in the restroom for me before I arrive.

Can I ask questions?


When contacting me you should first use my screening form. Once screened it is okay to email or send a text. Do not send anything of a sexual nature or our date will be cancelled.

 If you want to figure out my personality, please visit my other pages or my Twitter.

Another way to know more about me is to do a webcam session with me before our meeting. It is fun to build anticipation.

Appointment Time & Cancellations



Appointment Time & Cancellations

Please  be mindful of our time together.  While I want you to enjoy every  moment of our time together, please do not overstay your time.  If you'd  like to extend your stay, please know and be prepared to offer the  additional donation amount without my asking.  If I do not have other  commitments, I'd be happy to spend more time with you.

Please be on time for your appointment.

I  understand that things come up unexpectedly or that you may have to  cancel or reschedule, but please understand that my time is a valuable  commodity. Once an appointment is CONFIRMED, a 50% Cancellation Fee will  apply. Cancellations occurring within 48 hours of Confirmed Appointment  or No Shows will incur a 100% CANCELLATION FEE. ​When on tour, a 100%  CANCELLATION FEE will apply. If you have paid a Reservation Retainer, it will be applied to your balance. Failure to comply with cancellation policies will result in immediate local, regional and national Blacklisting. Thank you for understanding.