A little about me....

Model, Life Coach, Companion and Friend


I am a bit like a city with 4 seasons!


  Sweet and sincere. I am genuine & kind. A woman that listens and cares.  I enjoy sharing snuggles & candlelight.

         Sassy and full of life. A fabulous sense of humor is sexy to me!. Laughter is the best medicine! I love making others s Sensual and 

Seductive. My eyes say it all! I am passionate & giving in all areas of my life. Kissing is key. I will bring the heat!

  1.          Naughty & adventurous. Surrender and let your senses and imagination take over! I love to explore . I am kinky & open            minded. I love to push boundaries in relationships. Life is too short to be bored or feel as though you are missing          experiences. I always choose experiences over material things. It makes me feel amazing to share moments with others. Hearing that I have impacted someone's life in a positive way is uplifting.